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Hello and welcome to Visnums & Visnums-Kils Hembygdsförening!

This page is a small attempt to translate some of the information on our website. If you miss something you wish would be here, just send us a mail :

How to find us:

Take road 26 to Nybble, then turn in there and drive 7 km, then turn right when you see the white sign ”Hembygdsgård”. When you are on the small dirt road you find parkingspace to the left (an old footbollground) and if you drive a little further you can also park near the hembygdsgård. If you have a camper we recomend you to park at the first car park, there are more space there.













Our program:

If you look at the homepage tabs you will se ”Aktiviteter under året” (Activitys during the year).

During the summer:

Sundays 14.00-18.00 You can buy coffee and homebaked buns and cookies, and sit in the shade and enjoy.

Thursdays 16.00-19.00 You can buy stone-baked pizza, pizzasalad and something to drink. Sit down indoor or outdoor. You will meet a lot of people, both locals and foreign visiters from Germany, Denmark, Norway, England for instance. Afterwards there are coffee and cookies for sale. This summer 2018 we had to cancel some of the thursdays because of unusal dry weather. We do not want to risk that a spark from the chimney ignites the environment. So if you considering going to eat a pizza, check first at the homepage blogposts if there are anything written about it. So you dont travel far away for nothing.


There were a lot of people who imigrate from Visnum and Visnums-Kils parish 1865-1926. They starved and was poor, and the harvest and fishing went bad for many years. It took a lot of years to save money so they could buy a ticket.

Many people are nowadays genealogists and search for their ancesters. If you search for a grave, you can contact Kyrkogårds expeditionen i Kristinehamns Pastorat: 0550-87930, office hours 10-12.

If you want to visit the churches of Visnums or Visnums-Kil, call Kristinehamns pastorsexpedition : 0550-87900. Office hours 10-12, 13-14.

Worth knowing about the neighborhood

Under the tab ”Värt att veta om trakten” you can find both real and mythical and historical facts from the surroundings!

Good to know! – Allemansrätten

In Sweden we have ”Allemansrätten”. Please read carefully, so you dont violate any law!


Gammelvala = The old world. The place is near Arvika, in Brunskog, and its open one week each year and there they show how things was made during 1800-1960.